Nuestras normas integrales para sistemas ferroviarios dan prioridad a la seguridad, el rendimiento y la interoperabilidad, apoyando el crecimiento de un transporte público sostenible.


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Towards a net-zero logistics sector

Moving cargo around the world is a carbon-intensive business, and new guidance launched at Davos will go a long way to getting freight back on track.

Vanishing perspective of two high-speed Japanese Shinkansen trains parked at a main station.

How to build a robust railway

As the world’s number one overland transport system, trains are routinely expected to deliver safety, efficiency and comfort for passengers and goods. Supporting the sector, ISO standards for railways will help to make rail travel the preferred choice for the future.


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All aboard for quality rail!

Taking quality management a step further in the rail industry can lead to only one destination: better and safer trains. A recently published ISO technical specification promises to help keep the world’s trains on time and on track for efficient and sustainable development.

Top standards

ISO 20138-2:2019
Railway applications
Calculation of braking performance (stopping, slowing and stationary braking)

Part 2: General algorithms utilizing step by step calculation

ISO 22163:2023
Railway applications
Railway quality management system

ISO 9001:2015 and specific requirements for application in the railway sector

ISO 22888:2020
Railway applications
Concepts and basic requirements for the planning of railway operation in the event of earthquakes