Los procesos logísticos normalizados y los embalajes optimizan la eficacia de la cadena de suministro, reducen los costos y mejoran la confiabilidad del movimiento de mercancías. Una manipulación mejor y más segura de la carga contribuye a reducir las pérdidas y el impacto ambiental.


The circular economy: building trust through conformity assessment
Standards and conformity assessment provide assurance on aspects of the circular economy including product lifetime and recyclability, safety and efficiency.

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Towards a net-zero logistics sector

Moving cargo around the world is a carbon-intensive business, and new guidance launched at Davos will go a long way to getting freight back on track.

Full view of giant scissor lift loading cargo onto an aircraft at the airport.

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Keeping up with logistics

When it comes to the new normal, companies are pushing the boundaries of e-commerce.

Top standards

Pressure equalization requirements for cargo containers
ISO 8611-1:2021
Pallets for materials handling
Flat pallets

Part 1: Test methods

ISO 8317:2015
Child-resistant packaging
Requirements and testing procedures for reclosable packages