Standardization of services, techniques and management in the field of logistics, specifically including the process of distributing goods from manufacturer or distributor to regional hub, distribution center, and ultimately to businesses such as urban retailers, and to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of distribution operations, and to enhance the stability, flexibility and sustainability in logistics.

The scope will include, but is not limited to;

  • Development of general requirement, framework, metrics, guidance, performance indicator, evaluation for innovative logistics etc.;
  • Innovative provision of service assurance for logistics (e.g. innovative operation of distribution center, including overseas warehouse in cross-border trade, capacity building for operators, etc.).
  • Innovative operation, service and synergy optimization in logistics (e.g. order processing, cargo consolidation, sorting, picking, storage (including overseas warehousing), repackaging and protective handling, loading, unloading, capacity allocation, shipping, distribution, other customized services, etc.).
  • Excluded: Relevant work within the scopes of the following committees:

  • ISO/TC 22 Road vehicles
  • ISO/TC 34 Food products
  • ISO/TC 51 Pallets for unit load method of materials handling
  • ISO/TC 122 Packaging
  • ISO/TC 154 Processes, data elements and documents in commerce, industry and administration
  • ISO/TC 204 Intelligent transport systems
  • ISO/TC 268 Sustainable cities and communities
  • ISO/TC 315 Cold chain logistics
  • ISO/TC 321 Transaction assurance in E-commerce
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    ISO/TC 176 Quality management and quality assurance ISO
    ISO/TC 324 Sharing economy ISO


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    ISO/TC 344 pueden acceder a los documentos de los comités que aparecen a continuación:

    Referencia Título ISO/IEC
    ISO/TC 122 Packaging ISO
    ISO/TC 315 Cold chain logistics ISO

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