Electric road vehicle systems, consulte 43.120
Motorcycle and moped systems, consulte 43.140
Cycle systems, consulte 43.150
ICS Ámbito
43.040.01 Road vehicle systems in general
43.040.10 Electrical and electronic equipment
43.040.15 Car informatics. On board computer systems
Including navigation systems, car radio, etc.
43.040.20 Lighting, signalling and warning devices
43.040.30 Indicating and control devices
43.040.40 Braking systems
43.040.50 Transmissions, suspensions
Including clutches, gearboxes, power-steering systems, cardan shafts, differentials, wheels, rims, etc.
Tyres for road vehicles, consulte 83.160.10
43.040.60 Bodies and body components
Including vehicle frame and structure, heating devices, air-conditioning systems for passenger/driver compartments, roof load carriers, etc.
Loading compartments, consulte 43.080.10
43.040.65 Glazing and wiper systems
Including cleaning, defrosting and demisting devices, mirrors, etc.
43.040.70 Couplings
Including towing attachments and fifth wheel assemblies
43.040.80 Crash protection and restraint systems
Including airbags, safety belts, traffic accident issues and safety enhancement matters
43.040.99 Other road vehicle systems