Comité Título
ISO/TC 17 Steel
ISO/TC 22 Road vehicles
ISO/TC 34 Food products
ISO/TC 34/SC 4 Cereals and pulses
ISO/TC 34/SC 5 Milk and milk products
ISO/TC 38 Textiles
ISO/TC 71 Concrete, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete
ISO/TC 94/SC 3 Foot protection
ISO/TC 120 Leather
ISO/TC 138 Plastics pipes, fittings and valves for the transport of fluids
ISO/TC 138/SC 1 Plastics pipes and fittings for soil, waste and drainage (including land drainage)
ISO/TC 138/SC 2 Plastics pipes and fittings for water supplies
ISO/TC 138/SC 3 Plastics pipes and fittings for industrial applications
ISO/TC 138/SC 4 Plastics pipes and fittings for the supply of gaseous fuels
ISO/TC 138/SC 5 General properties of pipes, fittings and valves of plastic materials and their accessories -- Test methods and basic specifications
ISO/TC 138/SC 6 Reinforced plastics pipes and fittings for all applications
ISO/TC 138/SC 7 Valves and auxiliary equipment of plastics materials
ISO/TC 138/SC 8 Rehabilitation of pipeline systems
ISO/TC 160 Glass in building
ISO/TC 165 Timber structures
ISO/TC 207/SC 5 Life cycle assessment
ISO/TC 210 Quality management and corresponding general aspects for products with a health purpose including medical devices
ISO/TC 212 Medical laboratories and in vitro diagnostic systems
ISO/TC 216 Footwear
ISO/TC 217 Cosmetics
ISO/TC 241 Road traffic safety management systems
ISO/TC 274 Light and lighting
ISO/TC 296 Bamboo and rattan
ISO/TC 338 Menstrual products
ISO/PC 343 Sustainable development goals management