International Standard
ISO/IEC 14776-321:2002
Information technology — Small Computer System Interface-3 (SCSI-3) — Part 321: SCSI-3 Block Commands (SBC)
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ISO/IEC 14776-321:2002
Edición 1
International Standard
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ISO/IEC 14776-321:2002
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Publicado (Edición 1, 2002)
Esta norma se revisó y confirmó por última vez en 2018. Por lo tanto, esta versión es la actual.

ISO/IEC 14776-321:2002

ISO/IEC 14776-321:2002
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This part of ISO/IEC 14776 defines the command set extensions to facilitate operation of SCSI

block devices.

It specifies the functional requirements for the SCSI-Block Command set (SBC). SBC permits

that SCSI block logical units, such as flexible disks, rigid disks, optical disks, etc. be attached

to computers, and it provides the definition for their use.

This standard defines a logical unit model for SCSI block logical units. Also defined are SCSI

commands that apply to SCSI block logical units.

The clause(s) of this standard pertaining to the SCSI block device class, implemented in

conjunction with the applicable clauses of ISO/IEC 14776-311, fully specify the standard

command set for SCSI block devices.

The objectives of this standard are the following:

a) permit an application client to communicate with a logical unit that declares itself to be a

direct-access device, write-once device and optical memory device in the device type field

of the INQUIRY command response data over an SCSI service delivery subsystem;

b) define commands unique to the type of SCSI block devices;

c) define commands to manage the operation of SCSI block devices;

d) define the differences between types of SCSI block devices.

Figure 1 ? SCSI standards ? General structure

Figure 1 shows the general structure of SCSI standards. The figure does not imply a

relationship such as a hierarchy, protocol stack, or system architecture. It indicates the

applicability of a standard to the implementation of a given transport.

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  •  : Publicado
     : 2002-08
    : Norma Internacional confirmada [90.93]
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     : 132
  • ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 25
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