ISO at COP27:
Standards for climate action

Sharm El-Sheikh - Egypt
6-18 November 2022

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International standards are a critical tool for transforming climate commitments into effective action. Policy makers, stakeholders: Connect with ISO at COP27 to leverage the potential of standards!

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Blue Zone, COP27, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt | 17 November 2022
Transforming the climate actions of global economies through standards: From commitment to impact
Official COP27 side event hosted by ISO, also available via livestream.
Blue Zone, COP27, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt | 17 November 2022
Enabling transformative innovation through standards
A COP27 side event at the UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub, also available via livestream.
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When: 6 - 18 November
Where: Green Zone (Hall E2, No Y34) and Blue Zone (Zone H, No P133)

Let us know if you will be attending COP27 and if you would like to consider collaborating with ISO or contact us for more information.

Shared priorities: collaboration, mitigation, adaptation, and finance

The priorities set for COP27 by the host, as well as COP27's overarching theme, Together for implementation, resonate strongly with ISO's vision for international standards supporting climate action. ISO will encourage international and national decision-makers to engage further with ISO and its members on these priorities: collaboration, climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainable finance.

Fostering collaborative climate action

Collaboration is at the heart of what ISO does. Our delegation at COP27 will be strengthening and exploring partnerships with a view to build on existing climate aligned standards and inspire new ones. Policy makers as well as non-state actors interested in knowing more about the role of standards in climate action or willing to contribute their expertise to ISO's work are invited to meet us there.

ISO resources for COP27

  • For COP27 participants and organizations who care about #climatestandards.
  • A tool for policy makers and all who work towards net zero greenhouse gas emissions for their business, group or country.
  • In 2021, ISO members committed to put urgent climate action at the heart of standards development.
  • A set of case studies from around the globe on standards as tools for collective action towards carbon neutrality and climate resilience.
  • This brochure introduces the ISO 1409x series designed to assess the impacts of climate change and put in place measures for effective adaptation.
  • This brochure describes the standards in the ISO 1406x series and how these contribute to the transition to a zero-carbon economy.
  • Once a fringe investment, green and sustainable finance is fast gaining interest among investors worldwide. So what exactly are these types of investment, and why do we need them? Green finance is one of a number of terms used to describe activities related to the two-way interaction between the environment …
Official ISO side event builds momentum for standards in ecosystem restoration.
As the world continues to progress along the green transition, it needs more green skills. Can standards help support the skills revolution? 
LEIs were created following the 2008 economic crisis. Now, these unassuming financial codes are set to help us tackle the climate crisis. 

The 2022 UN Climate Change Conference or COP27 is organized by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and hosted by the government of Egypt. ISO and its members will be there to showcase how standards contribute to the implementation of international and national climate policies.