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Дополнительное мероприятие Международной электротехнической комиссии (МЭК) в Зеленом павильоне ИСО
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Under ISO’s strategic programme ‘Customer Matters’, we have launched a series of workshops dedicated to standard users’ needs.
The 36th CASCO plenary and workshop is taking place entirely online this year. Find out more about the week’s programme, learn about the different events and register for the sessions of your choice.
The ISO Annual Meeting is the keystone event in the ISO calendar featuring thematic sessions, networking opportunities, the ISO General Assembly and related governance meetings.
Humans operate in a world where change is constant, and where challenges and disruptions can be global in scale. Technology tools, as we know them today, have proliferated tremendously including those for digital learning and development activities and processes.
What is the potential impact of blockchain on e-business and how can standards help?
Capacity building journey ISO/TC 314 on Ageing societies.
DEVCO which is normally held as part of the ISO Week will be held on 16-17 September.