ICS Поле
33.040.01 Telecommunication systems in general
33.040.20 Transmission systems
Including synchronization, cable systems, integrated cabling, pathways and multiplexing
33.040.30 Switching and signalling systems
Including telecommunication call charging and billing aspects
33.040.35 Telephone networks
Including Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN), Private Telecommunication Networks (PTN) and Private Integrated Service Networks (PISN)
33.040.40 Data communication networks
Including Packet Switched Public Data Networks (PSPDN) and Ethernet
ISDN, смотри 33.080
OSI local, wide and metropolitan area networks, смотри 35.110
Modems, смотри 35.180
33.040.50 Lines, connections and circuits
Including access networks and network elements
33.040.60 Powerline telecommunications
Power transmission and distribution, смотри 29.240.01
33.040.99 Other equipment for telecommunication systems