Emergencies in buildings, смотри 13.200
Fire protection, смотри 13.220.20
Fire resistance of building materials and elements, смотри 13.220.50
Alarm and warning systems, смотри 13.320
ICS Поле
91.120.01 Protection of and in buildings in general
91.120.10 Thermal insulation of buildings
Including energy efficiency of buildings
Energy efficiency in general, смотри 27.015
Thermal insulation in general, смотри 27.220
Thermal insulating materials, смотри 91.100.60
91.120.20 Acoustics in building. Sound insulation
Acoustic measurements and noise abatement in general, смотри 17.140.01
Sound insulating materials, смотри 91.100.60
91.120.25 Seismic and vibration protection
Vibrations and vibration measurements, смотри 17.160
91.120.30 Waterproofing
Sealing materials, смотри 91.100.50
91.120.40 Lightning protection
91.120.99 Other standards related to protection of and in buildings