ISO 14116:2008
Protective clothing — Protection against heat and flame — Limited flame spread materials, material assemblies and clothing
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ISO 14116:2008
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ISO 14116:2008
Отозвано (Версия 1, 2008)


ISO 14116:2008 specifies the performance requirements for the limited flame spread properties of materials, material assemblies and protective clothing in order to reduce the possibility of the clothing burning and thereby itself constituting a hazard. Additional requirements for clothing are also specified.

Protective clothing complying with this ISO 14116:2008 is intended to protect workers against occasional and brief contact with small igniting flames, in circumstances where there is no significant heat hazard and without presence of another type of heat. When protection against heat heat hazards is necessary in addition to protection against limited spread flammability, then standards, such as ISO 11612, are more appropriate.

A classification system is given for materials, material assemblies and garments which are tested according to ISO 15025:2000, Procedure A.

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  •  : Отозвано
     : 2008-04
     : 2008-08
    : Отмена международного стандарта [95.99]
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  • ISO/TC 94/SC 13
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