ISO 26021-3:2009
ISO 26021-3:2009

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ISO 26021-3:2009 specifies the technical requirements to realize tool requirements for end-of-life activation of on-board pyrotechnic devices. It defines a test tool for ISO 26021 disposal functionality as well as the requirement for the final pyrotechnical device deployment tool (PDT). The focus is the definition of the human interface and the interfaces to the vehicle. It also defines general requirements for tests to validate the disposal functionality of the pyrotechnic control unit (PCU). It specifies two tool use-cases.

  • Tool use-case 1 – deployment test tool (DTT):
    • a development tool used to test and validate the PCU;
    • the target users of this tool are the engineers of the PCU suppliers and the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs);
    • the use case defines the human interface, the interfaces to the vehicle (CAN & ACL) and concrete test sequences.
  • Tool use-case 2 – pyrotechnic device deployment tool (PDT):
    • the final tool that is used to dispose pyrotechnical devices in vehicles;
    • the target users of this tool are dismantlers;
    • the use case defines the human interface, the interfaces to the vehicle (CAN & ACL), the environmental conditions and the deployment sequences.

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     : 2009-05
    : Отмена международного стандарта [95.99]
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  • ISO/TC 22/SC 31
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