ISO/CD 24359-1
Building commissioning process planning — Part 1: New buildings
Reference number
ISO/CD 24359-1
Версия 1
Committee Draft
ISO/CD 24359-1
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This standard addresses the development of the commissioning plan at the design stage planning of commissioning activities for new construction projects. The commissioning plan incorporates commissioning activities which begin during early project stages, and continue through design, construction, project turnover, occupancy, and operation. The commissioning plan documents the intended process to verify and document that the quality of the built project in operation meets the requirements of the owner. Excluded: commissioning in existing buildings. Background: This standard applies to the development of the commissioning plan, the document which includes procedures, methods and documentation requirements that apply to the commissioning process for the building systems at each phase of the project, from pre-design through occupancy and operation. The building commissioning plan can be developed for individual, multiple or the whole building systems and assemblies. This standard applies to new building construction projects. The commissioning plan is used by the owner, commissioning provider, building developer, owner’s representative, construction manager, architect, contractor, sub-contractors and / or other consultants to determine the tasks and activities required to commission the project in accordance with the project requirements of the owner. Commissioning providers use this standard to develop a project specific commissioning plan, which includes the list of systems to be commissioned, the scope of tasks associated with the process to achieve the owner’s specific commissioning requirements, and the work plan to accomplish those tasks. Requirements for the project are established by the owner and/or commissioning provider. This standard indicates the minimum set of definitions of commissioning that can be commonly applied. The ISO time limits will not allow completion of work on the existing work item. The new work item is intended to incorporate the work to date on the existing work item, and available commissioning standards including USA’s ASHRAE Standard 202-2018, Canada’s Z5000-18, and Mexico’s NMX-C-506. Commissioning is closely related to – and must be tailored to suit – the building design and construction process for each project. As these processes differ in each country, specific commissioning planning methods shall be determined by the national standards or documents of each country.

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