ISO 19659-3:2022
ISO 19659-3:2022
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This document is applicable to the calculation, measurement and/or verification of energy consumption of railway vehicle HVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning) systems.

The HVAC system energy consumption is simulated, calculated, measured and validated in accordance with the requirements of thermal comfort defined in ISO 19659-2, considering the same category of passenger railway vehicles as detailed in ISO 19659-2, Clause 4:

—    Category 1 (e.g. main line, intercity, long distance, high speed);

—    Category 2 (e.g. suburban, commuter, regional);

—    Category 3 (e.g. urban, LRV, tram, metro/subway).

This document only covers the passenger area HVAC systems. Driver’s cab HVAC systems are excluded but could be treated in a similar way.


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     : 2022-10
    : Опубликование международного стандарта [60.60]
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