Draft International Standard
ISO/IEC DIS 29110-5-1-1
Systems and software engineering — Life cycle profiles for very small entities (VSEs) — Part 5-1-1: Management and engineering guidelines: Generic profile group: Entry profile
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ISO/IEC DIS 29110-5-1-1
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International Standard
ISO/IEC DIS 29110-5-1-1
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Текущее издание: ISO/IEC TR 29110-5-1-1:2012

ISO/IEC DIS 29110-5-1-1

ISO/IEC DIS 29110-5-1-1
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This part of ISO/IEC 29110 is applicable to Very Small Entities (VSEs). VSEs are enterprises, organizations, departments or projects up to 25 people. The life cycle processes described in the set of International Standards (IS) Profiles and Technical Reports (TR) are not intended to preclude or discourage their use by organizations bigger than VSEs. The scope of these projects is the conversion of documents published or approved as Technical Reports (TR) to International Standards (IS). There will be no changes to the original and actual scope of the original project as documented in SC7N3288, which is an update version of the original NWIP ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 N3288 New Work Item Proposal – Software Life Cycles for Very Small Enterprises - Dated 2005-06-21, N3215, Resolution 847. The guidelines are informative, and contain no requirements (profile requirements corresponding to each guideline can be found in parts 29110-4-n). Each guideline will also be revised to accommodate changes in the profile base documents; to process a backlog of minor changes detected by the users and authors of the documents; and as a result of processing ballot comments.

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