• Secretariat: SAC
    Committee Manager:
    Ms Liu Gu
  • Chairperson (until end 2024):
    Prof Fusheng Pan
  • ISO Technical Programme Manager [TPM]:
    Ms Monja Korter
    ISO Editorial Manager [EM]:
    Ms Lucy Kirk
  • Creation date: 1980


Standardization in the field of unwrought, wrought and cast magnesium and magnesium alloys, including technical conditions of delivery, chemical analysis, physical testing and technical specification of surface treatment

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Reference Title Type
ISO/TC 79/SC 5/WG 4   Analysis of magnesium and magnesium alloys Working group
ISO/TC 79/SC 5/WG 9   magnesium alloy product Working group
ISO/TC 79/SC 5/WG 10   Phosphate conversion coating for magnesium Working group
ISO/TC 79/SC 5/WG 11   Magnesium alloy die casting Working group

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