ISO/CD 27928
Carbon dioxide capture, transportation and geological storage — Performance evaluation methods for CO2 capture plants connected with CO2 intensive plants
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ISO/CD 27928
Edición 1
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ISO/CD 27928
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1. Scope: This document is a part of a series of standards for carbon dioxide (CO2) capture. It specifies methods for measuring, evaluating and reporting the performance of CO2 capture plant connected to a CO2 intensive plant, and which separate CO2 from the CO2 intensive plant exhaust gas in preparation for subsequent transportation and geological storage. In particular, it provides a common methodology to calculate specific key performance indicators for the CO2 capture plant, requiring the definition of the boundaries of a typical system and the measurements needed to determine the KPIs. 2. Policy of work: The series of standards for carbon dioxide capture will be done based on the following fundamental policies: (1) The standards and requirements being developed in the series will depend on the maturity of the content and its practical use to stakeholders. (2) Standards in the series will build on the previous standards. (3) Standards for CO2 capture lend themselves better to a series of individual standards rather than a single comprehensive standard because of the maturity of the technologies and the process differences in power and different Energy Intensive Industries (EII).

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  • Lograr la neutralidad climática: Captura del carbono y emisiones negativas; 

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