ISO's 'sea-farers' honoured with Lawrence D. Eicher Leadership Award

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Speaking to this gathering of ISO officers and national delegates worldwide, ISO President, Professor Masami Tanaka, presented the prestigious award to ISO/TC 8, Ships and marine technology, for excellence in creative and innovative standards development.

The Japanese Industrial Standards Committee (JISC), ISO member for Japan, holds the secretariat of the technical committee, with Captain C.H. Piersall (USA) as Chair and Mr. I. Ogo as Secretary.

ISO’s Technical Management Board recommended that ISO/TC 8, one of ISO’s earliest technical committees, be honoured. Though it is one of the inaugural TCs – having been formed when ISO was established in 1947 – the committee deals with issues extremely relevant today, such as supply chain security.

“On behalf of the whole of ISO, I am pleased to present the award and offer our congratulations and thanks for the work accomplished efficiently, effectively and harmoniously,” said Prof. Tanaka, when presenting the award to Captain Piersall and Mr. Ogo.

Prof. Tanaka praised ISO/TC 8 for its “strong project management and leadership regularly reviewing its strategic direction and plans to produce relevant and timely documents”. He congratulated the technical committee for its communication of what it is doing not only to other standardizers, but more widely to those who use the standards in their businesses and regulatory activities, and for spreading knowledge about the value of standards in many conferences and seminars.

The ISO Council established the Lawrence D. Eicher Leadership Award for Excellence in Creative and Innovative ISO/TC/SC Services and Initiatives in 2002, as a tribute to ISO’s late Secretary-General. This award is presented annually at the ISO General Assembly to a deserving ISO technical committee or subcommittee.

The award recognizes ISO TCs and SCs (including all those involved: chairs, secretaries, member bodies, delegates and experts) for excellence in creative and innovative services and initiatives to support their work and their constituents. This award is presented to the committee as a whole and provides an opportunity to publicize and share best practices among ISO committees.

Dr. Eicher, who passed away in March 2002, served as Secretary-General of ISO from 1986 to 2002.

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