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ISO standards represent internationally agreed guidelines and requirements for solutions to energy efficiency and renewable sources. They provide a solid technical base that governments can use to achieve their national and international energy objectives.

ISO has more than 200 standards related to energy efficiency and renewables, with many more under development. These ensure the interoperability of devices and systems, which encourages the transition to renewable energy sources and opens up markets for innovations that address the global energy challenge. ISO 50001, Energy management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, helps organizations of all kinds to use energy more efficiently, through the development and implementation of an energy management system, while the ISO 52000 series of standards for the energy performance of buildings is expected to help the construction industry attain energy efficiency improvements.

In addition, the ISO portfolio boasts a number of standards in support of solar energy, such as ISO 9806, which specifies test methods for assessing the durability, reliability, safety and thermal performance of fluid-heating solar collectors, and the ISO 17225 series, which determines the specifications and fuel quality classes of solid biofuels.

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  • The earth is warming at unprecedented rates, largely due to manmade greenhouse gases that are causing havoc to our climate.
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