ISO standards covering everything from vehicle parts to infrastructure help reduce accidents and improve the efficiency of road transport and travel. They ensure reliable and efficient supply chains. In an era of transformation for road traffic, standards help the sector get ready for the future.


By Rick Gould on

Towards a net-zero logistics sector

Moving cargo around the world is a carbon-intensive business, and new guidance launched at Davos will go a long way to getting freight back on track.

Close-up of rear-area video camera on car dashboard, with view of driver’s hand on steering wheel.

Cybersecurity in cars

New standard just published to help keep the hackers at bay.

Cars queuing to go through a toll barrier.

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Taking its toll

The standard for the security of toll road payment systems has just been updated.

Top standards

ISO 26262-1:2018
Road vehicles
Functional safety

Part 1: Vocabulary

ISO 15118-5:2018
Road vehicles
Vehicle to grid communication interface

Part 5: Physical layer and data link layer conformance test

ISO 24089:2023
Road vehicles
Software update engineering