ISO/AWI 17123-10
Optique et instruments d'optique — Méthodes d'essai sur site des instruments géodésiques et d'observation — Partie 10: Systèmes photogrammétriques UAV
Numéro de référence
ISO/AWI 17123-10
Edition 1
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ISO/AWI 17123-10
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This part of ISO 17123 specifies field procedures to be adopted when determining and evaluating the accuracy (closeness to true values) and additionally in the full test procedure also the precision (repeatability) of UAV photo measurement systems (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with cameras – or also known as drone systems), when used in specific surveying tasks, such as determining land surfaces, monitoring earthworks, monitoring and measuring all kind of structural designs and civil construction sites, calculating volumes and many other similar surveying applications. Primarily, these tests are intended to be field verifications of the suitability of a particular UAV system, including camera and evaluation software, for the immediate task at hand. The focus for the test procedures are set to simplicity - they shall allow a quick judgement, if the system can obtain the desired accuracy given by the job. They are not proposed as tests for acceptance or performance evaluations, that are usually more comprehensive in nature. Both the full and the simplified test procedure require a minimal set of markers on the ground with known coordinates, to be used as ground control points and check points.

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