ISO 15642:2003
ISO 15642:2003
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ISO 15642:2003 establishes the terminology, gives requirements for specifications, and lists characteristics useful for determining theoretical performances and drafting technical documents for asphalt mixing plants used in the construction and maintenance of motorway, road and airport pavements, and road system and networks.

It does not specify safety conditions, which are covered by specific standards. Equipment relating to quality control of manufactured products is defined by the standards specific to these products.

ISO 15642:2003 is applicable to fixed plants during production time, whether they are transferable or not, which excludes mobile equipment for soil stabilization or retreading.

It is applicable to mixing and/or coating plants for materials treated with hydrocarbon binders for continuous production and for batch production.

Informations générales 

  •  : Publiée
     : 2003-05
  •  : 1
  •  : ISO/TC 195 Machines et matériels pour la construction des bâtiments
  •  :
    01.040.93 Génie civil (Vocabulaires)
    93.080.10 Construction des routes
    93.080.20 Matériaux de construction des routes

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